Friday, 20 October 2017

"I'm a pusher Cady"

I hate revision.
I thought I'd put that out there before anybody gets the wrong impression. I also don't do brilliantly at school. There are some subjects that come easier to me, but also some that I really can't get my head around. 

It was our last day of term today and we got our reports. Although I'm doing okay; I think I could do a lot better. My teachers seem to expect me to do 'okay' and aren't really pushing me to do any better. I've realised that I need to be my own pusher.

I feel as though I'm scrambling around in the deep end, trying to keep myself from drowning. I'm predicted Cs or 5s  in most subjects, which puts me at the bottom of the higher tier. Those grades are still good, but I know in myself that I can do better. It's so easy to get caught up in a bubble of your own thoughts and not pay enough attention to the things that are screaming for your attention.

I'm not spending enough time  revising the subjects I find difficult, which I think is the main problem. That's why I've started scheduling my revision and prioritising weaker subjects. It's so important to figure out what works for YOU and to look after yourself. I'm telling myself this as much as I'm telling you as it's so easy to let your health slip when you're focused on something else.

Here's my schedule for tomorrow, just for some insight. I've tried to include a mixture of different subjects and formats of questions, whilst keeping breaks at an optimum.

·     Chemistry revision sheet
·         Break 
·         Physics revision quiz
·         English revision quiz
·         Break 
·         Physics exam style question
·         Break
·         English Literature exam style question

 I hope that this post has been of some use to somebody and that you all have a lovely half term!

Health and happiness,
Marti xxx

Friday, 13 October 2017

Reasons why I smiled today

  1. I had rice crispies for breakfast- always the best way to start a day.
  2. The sky is doing some amazing things, which never ceases to amaze me.
  3. The weather has been lovely and I wasn't blown away (literally) on my way to school.
  4. We got homework in English Literature and yes- that makes me very happy.
  5. We played five a side football in pe and it put everybody in a good mood.
  6. I finished my media coursework ahead of time and got to spend the lesson helping my friend catch up.
  7. I'm looking forward to a busy weekend.
  8. The leaves crunched under my feet when I walked.
  9. My friend's little sister gave me a hug before I said goodbye, and she's the cutest little thing!
  10. I've managed to squeeze in some time to write this post, which is what matters the most.
I hope you all have a really lovely weekend!
Lots of love,
Marti xxx

Friday, 29 September 2017

Mute the Monkey Mind

my brain gets a little mUdDlEd
My thoughts allrollintoone and things 
get a little complicated.

But do you know what? That's totally okay. We all have a monkey mind telling us this and telling us that. What's important is how we control that monkey

One of my favourite ways to do this is by focusing on my senses. It can be tricky to play them all at once, which is why I picked three to focus on. Your focus senses could be completely different to mine: it's all down to your perception. 

SIGHT is the first on my list. Give your mind a break from the strain of whatever's bothering you and focus on what you can see. How many clouds are in the sky? What's beautiful about the person you last saw? 

HEARING'S next. Is there a song that instantly brings you back to a happy place? Create a playlist of some of your favourite pick-me-ups and have them ready to play when you need them. 

Last but not least: TASTE. Focus on how the foods you love taste and the way they make you feel. Are they sweet or are they salty?  Do they melt or do they explode? 

I hope this little post has been of some help and that you all have a really lovely day.
Image source:

Health and happiness,
Marti xxx

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dear six year old Marti

Dear little Marti,

I am extremely proud of you. You may not realise it right now, but you are going to go on to do some wonderful things. Right now, you're already a badass. Sure, your mum makes you wear glasses and an eye patch until lunchtime, but you take it in your stride. Secretly: I think you quite enjoy being a pirate. Your stories are the greatest and you always make people giggle. 'Marti, say cat.' 'Tat?'.

On Pirates and Princess Day, you don't want to be a princess, you're the most badass pirate in a flamenco dress that school has ever seen. You proved that when a teacher said: 'smile princesses' and you scowled at the camera. Moxie. So what if your princess baby brother turned out to be a prince? You still got to dress him up in lady's attire from Gran's trunk. Best. Sister. Ever.

In short, I hope you're enjoying every minute of being six Marti, becuase it doesn't last long. I think you're almost tall enough to ditch the booster seat now, but by the time you're older you'll never top 5'1. Life gets more complicated, but people become a lot easier to read. Everybody feels the same, no matter what front they put on.

I hope you like these pictures I dug out lovely. It makes me laugh that I found them in black and white- colour was a thing in 2007.

Lots of love,
almost 16 year old Marti xxx

Friday, 8 September 2017

Pens, pens, pens!

Things are a little rocky right now, and I'm afraid that I can't explain why. It hurts to say this, but it's a line that I can't step over. My blog has always been an outlet for how I'm feeling, but due to the nature of this problem: I have to take a step back and find other means of expressing myself. 

 As substitute, I thought I'd share with you another project that I've thrown myself into. While my sister is on holiday in sunny Croatia; I've been updating the social media at work with some jazzy photos that's I'm pretty proud of. I thought I'd share a few with you lovely bunch :)

Lots of love,
Marti xxx

Friday, 1 September 2017

Re: Two Goals for Five Weeks

Hello! I haven't got very long to write this post so apologies in advance if it's a shortie. You know what they say though: the best things come in small packages! This Summer has flown by and to be perfectly honest, I haven't known whether I was coming or going half the time. At the start of the holidays, I made a list of a few goals that I wanted to complete this Summer. As there's no time better than the present; I thought I'd share with you whether I've achieved them or not.

The first goal was to read as many books as I've felt like reading. This was a very easy goal and I'd say yes: I've definitely achieved it!  There have been a few times where I've felt distracted and struggled to focus on a book but there have also been other times where I've gotten really into a story. The next goal was to give myself lots of creative outlets which again, I think I have achieved. I've been spending a lot of my time writing this Summer, but have also found a lot of happiness through doodling and music.

That's all for now! Make sure to tell me if you achieved your goals (and whether you set them or not!)

                                                                        Lots of Love,
                                                                    Marti xxx

Friday, 25 August 2017

Health and Happiness

Sometimes, we look to the future a little too much for our happiness- we're all guilty of it. It may be as simple as thinking that we'll be happy once we've met a certain person or once we've done a certain thing. The truth is: we're surrounded by experiences that make us happy and by taking our attention away from the now, we're missing out! 

That's why I've decided to make a list of a few awesome things I've done, no matter how small.  Although the future is full of endless possibilities and new experiences, you have already made some incredible memories from opportunities you were lucky enough to grasp in what was then the present. 

Aqua zorbing
Mountain biking
Ice skating
Winning a ‘good for one go’ voucher at mini golf
Climbing a mountain
Sitting on the edge of an erupted volcano

Walking behind a waterfall
Swimming in the Blue Lagoon
Standing in between the Eurasian and North American plate boundaries
Taking a ferry from Dover to Calais
Seeing ‘The Jungle’ before the migrants were forced to leave
Travelling on a plane for the first time
Visiting Euro Disney
Eating snails in Paris
Climbing the Eiffel Tower
Visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame and Champs Elysee
Sleeping in a tent for a week
Going to a Christian camp
Acting the lead role in a play
Starting a blog
Going to a roller disco
Rock climbing
Losing laser tag
Writing to the Queen
Playing rock-it ball
Sleeping in a pigsty
Crawling through a hay bale maze in pyjamas
Visiting more castles than I can name
Riding Europe’s longest roller coaster
Making a jam sandwich blindfolded
Buying food from a service station at 2am
Watching the sun set and rise
Being veggie for two years
Spending the night at an aquarium 

I'd love to hear what you all have on your lists!

Health and happiness,
Marti xxx

Friday, 18 August 2017

Sandcastles in the Sand

A few pictures taken in TintagelPort Isaac, Padstow, Boscastle and The Cornish Coast :)

Health and Happiness,

Marti xxx

Friday, 11 August 2017

Thinking About The Future- An Interview with Bailey

Meet Bailey: Bailey is a student living in some village in the middle of nowhere with an unlikely passion for film and editing.

Bailey's Instagram:
I met Bailey almost four years ago and was struck by his ability to broadcast and edit videos soundly. We’ve supported each other over the last few years and I could not be happier to introduce you to him. Bailey works tremendously hard to produce quality content for his YouTube channels and is here today to tell us a little about his views on the future and what it brings.

1) Firstly Bailey, if you don’t mind, tell us a little about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests?

My favourite thing I can do is make movies. The whole process, from the recording to the uploading can never get boring. Apart from that, I
play video games, workout and eat.

2) It’s a common belief that there are three types of people in this world: people who look to the future for happiness, people who look into the past for happiness and people who focus their happiness on the present. Which one would you consider yourself to be?

Id definitely say I live in the now and take happiness from just doing something and getting it done but I do feel it's wrong to regret your past, as that's what got you to where you are today and you should be able to take a level of happiness from it. I can't really say much about getting happiness from the future because apart from with goals and aspirations I don't understand that mindset but happiness from goals happens in the now when you achieve it so my point is now invalid

3) At school we’re always being asked the same question over and over again: ‘what would you like to do when you leave school?’ Do you believe that this is necessary in today’s society? A society where the average amount of jobs held by one person before the age of forty is ten.

Knowing where you want to go is always a positive. If you can define where you want to be then you're halfway to doing it, you'll only have the hardest bit left (which is actually doing it) however not knowing what you want to do can leave you more open to take in suggestions.

       4) Jobs in IT are becoming increasingly popular. Do you think that this will result in the death of traditional jobs like postal workers and solicitors?

Definitely jobs are going to get taken over by robots so the people who once did them get to sit and admire what the world is becoming!

5) At risk of sounding like school, do you have any ideas for what you’d like to do in the future? Do you think that it’s important to have some thoughts on the matter?

I know exactly what I want to do. And it's a bonus to know what you want to do in detail but not knowing isn't a huge downfall because there's always people who'll give their opinions on what they want you to do whatever you want

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions Bailey! 

Thanks for having me! :)

Health and happiness,
Marti xxx

Friday, 4 August 2017

Two Goals for Five Weeks

Read as many books as I feel like reading
image source:

This year I've probably read more books, both big and small, than ever before. I've found so much peace and solitude through reading that it's the thing I've been doing most. However, I don't want reading to become something I have to do. If there comes a time this Summer that I'd rather do something else than read, that I shall. I can become a bit of a hermit sometimes and neglect the rest of the world. This year I've taken media for an option at school and couldn't name any celebrities we were shown. I just don't pay any attention to them which my teacher found funny, although said 'you're seriously going to have to start watching TV this year' ahahah. 

    Give myself lots of creative outlets 

    The problem with my time without a phone earlier this year was that I couldn't take photos on the go- unless I took the camera out with me. I've realised that this is one of the simple things I really enjoy doing and something that brings me immense happiness. I've also rediscovered how peaceful it is to just sit with a pencil, some watercolours or even a word document. Creativity can take many forms and doesn't have to rely on a visual outcome. I've set myself a challenge to put my heart and soul into whatever creative project I embark on, whether that be blogging, drawing or getting my head around Photoshop.

    That's all for now, two very simple goals that I hope to fulfil. What are yours?

    Health and happiness,
    Marti xx

    P.S.  My review on Love From Lexie got a feature on Cathy Cassidy's blog! You can check it out along with Cat and Sophie's reviews here :)

    Friday, 28 July 2017

    My thoughts on The Handlebards- As You Like It

    On Wednesday night, my drama group went to an open air performance of Shakespeare's As You Like It. I'm not sure what I was expecting really. What we were told was that it was to be performed by a group of people that travel the length of the country on bikes and that it would be outside, in the rain, and we weren't allowed umbrellas. Regardless, I handed over the money and hoped for the best. 

    I woke up on Wednesday to the sound of rain pounding my bedroom window. I kept checking the weather and it just seemed to get worse and worse. My heart now goes out to those women who had to cycle all the way from York! Thankfully, by six o'clock when we met up with my drama group, the rain had miraculously stopped.

     We set our blanket down on the grass with everybody else and were greeted by somebody in shin high green socks who told us if we couldn't see, to move right up to the red line. "We don't bite...but we do smell!"

    Now sitting within an inch of the performance and the other end of the gardens to the rest of the group, it felt as if we were part of the action. When I say I was surprised by what I saw, I mean I was literally mind blown. 

    There were only four actresses in the play, each with multiple different roles. They could be the beautiful Rosalind one minute and the rough Orlando the next! Audience participation was at it's finest, even if some people looked a little offended when they stole their picnics!

    I am in love with this theatre group and will definitely see more of their work if I get the chance. They are touring across the country until September, so make sure to catch them!

    All images were found on The Handlebards' website.
    As You Like It dates and venues:

    Health and Happiness,
    Marti xxx

    Friday, 21 July 2017

    Reasons why I smiled this week

    Sometimes the world can feel like a terrible place when in reality, our world is a wonderful place full of terrible things. These terrible things can sometimes taint our perspective and make us feel unhappy. Being brought down by things out of your control is not only a waste of time and energy, but is also toxic to those around you. It's a simple fact, but one we could all do with being reminded of every now and then. That's why I decided to think up a few reasons why I smiled this week, however large or small, as a reminder that the life I have is precious. I challenge you to do the same and keep finding a reason to smile every day! :)

    1. I'm feeling super driven and inspired, which is odd with it being the end of term.
    2. I watched my little brother swim of the first time in a while the other day and he's like a little fish :)
    3. The weather is just the way I like it: either sunny or thunder-stormy.
    4. My art teacher has mounted some of  my work in the corridors! That's something I could never have expected. 
    5. I've received some really lovely comments on my last blog post!
    6. Books, books, that not reason enough to smile?
    7. Finally, I'm brimming with excitement for the Summer Holidays! Just two more days ladies and gentlemen...two more days!
    Health and happiness,
    Marti xxx

    Sunday, 16 July 2017

    Pixies and Campervans

    Today it was the annual old car show at Newby Hall and Gardens. The site is home to acres of green space, beautiful wild flowers and until September, my sister's Pixie Exhibition!

    Jay has been making and selling her creations for the last few years over the creative outlet of Etsy. Her natural talent and hours of free flowing creativity have finally paid off, meaning her creations now hang with pride in the Grantham Room at Newby Hall and Gardens.  Newby is also home to the original Paddington Bear, Mr Bean's 'Teddy' and Fozzie Bear. I could not be any more proud of my big sister Jay :)

     In all, it was a truly lovely day. The sun was shining and we even saw some camper beauties!

     Apologies for the lack of post on Friday- this is substitute! ;)

    Health and happiness,
    Marti xxx

    Friday, 7 July 2017

    One of my favourite places

    Some photos taken at the stepping stones by Fin and I last weekend :)

    Health and happiness,
    Marti xxx